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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (R)

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (R)
Sample Reports

Teams, Groups and MBTI®

While MBTI® theory and assessments offer valuable insight and self awareness on a personal or individual level, this same theory and accompanying assessments are equally valuable in a team or group context. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® can help you and your team or group to:

  • Identify your team or group strengths and resources, as well as its potential weaknesses
  • Maximize the natural advantages that result from the similarities and differences of your team or group members
  • Create a greatly enhanced appreciation for the positive value of your team or group diversity and each member's contributions
  • Work around or minimize your team or group's potential weak spots
  • Identify an action plan with specific behaviors to help yourself and others to improve effectiveness within your team or group

Discover Your Type is pleased to offer two options to our clients:

On-Site MBTI® Team
Leadership and Performance Workshops

Our MBTI® certified and highly experienced consultants are available to travel to your location in the United States or Canada to facilitate a one or two day MBTI® Team Leadership and Performance Workshop with your team or group ranging in size from 10 to 40 or more members.

Your workshop will be customized to meet your unique business or organizational needs and drivers. Along with an intensive MBTI® debriefing process and core team building component, you may wish to incorporate one or more additional team related components as part of your workshop:

  • MBTI® and Communication
  • MBTI® and Conflict Management
  • MBTI® and Problem Solving
  • MBTI® and Decision Making
  • MBTI® and Leadership
  • MBTI® and Organizations
  • MBTI® and Sales
  • MBTI® and Creativity
  • MBTI® and Learning Styles
  • MBTI® and Career Development
  • MBTI® and Change
  • MBTI® and Coaching
  • MBTI® and Emotional Intelligence
  • MBTI ® and Project Management

For more information on our on-site workshop option, please contact us at workshops@discover-your-type.com or by telephone at:


Virtual MBTI® Team Consultation

For organizations or businesses with limited budgets, small teams or appropriate in-house expertise, our virtual (online) MBTI® Team Consultation may be an ideal alternative to a customized on-site workshop.

As part of this online consultation, each team or group member completes the MBTI® Complete (Form M) online assessment and receives their own copy of a condensed MBTI® Complete report (unless we are directed by you not to provide this report to each team member).

Upon completion of the MBTI® Complete online assessment by all team or group members, you will receive a customized set of MBTI® Team Reports and an additional coaching session to help you understand and apply this report.

For more information regarding this virtual consultation option or to view a sample of the Team Reports, please visit our Request Your Type page.


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