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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (R)

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (R)
Request Your Type

Select from one of the following Myers Briggs Type Indicator® personality type instruments
(all options except for MBTI® Complete
include debriefing and coaching session via telephone or e-mail)

MBTI® Complete
 MBTI® Profile Report PLUS Online MBTI® Learning Session and Best-Fit Interactive Exercise!

Looking for a rich and immersive understanding of MBTI®? Want your results and feedback
immediately without delay?

This premier option, recent released by the
publisher of the MBTI® instrument, includes:

● learning about personality type
discovering your personality preferences
confirming your MBTI® type based on your online assessment
a condensed report providing an overview of your MBTI® type
exploring next steps based on your results

Click HERE to view sample report


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MBTI® Complete Assessment!






Advanced and detailed MBTI® Interpretive Report

Curious to determine your own MBTI® personality type? Want to learn how to leverage your own strengths while better appreciating the differences in others?

This 17 page report offers detailed insight into applying your
MBTI® type and 20 personality facets
to everyday life.

Click HERE to view sample report


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MBTI® Step II Assessment!





MBTI® Career Report
Type and Career Exploration Report!

Interested in aligning your MBTI® personality type with potential jobs and careers? Wondering how your MBTI® type influences your career search and development?

This 10 page report explores how your MBTI® type
 can help you to find your best occupational match

Click HERE to view sample report


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MBTI® Career Assessment!





MBTI® Interpretive Report
for Organizations

Be more productive in your organization and workplace by your identifying strengths and areas for development!

Seeking detailed insight into what your MBTI® personality type tells you about your work style? Want to learn how you best communicate and solve problems?

This 11 page report identifies work-related strengths, clarifies leadership style, explores a preferred work environment, and highlights areas for further development. Also includes problem-solving style, learning style, and type under stress.

Click HERE to view sample report

* This report assumes that you have previously had your MBTI® results interpreted and are familiar with MBTI® preferences and theory


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MBTI® For Organizations Assessment!





MBTI® Team Report
Create and maintain motivated and satisfied teams

Wanting to create greater effectiveness for your team? Need to reduce conflict by focusing on your team's strengths and opportunities for development?

These customized reports provides a description of the type of your group (team), its strengths and weaknesses, problem-solving and conflict management styles, and offers a customized action plan to improve team productivity.

Each team member also receives a customized individual team member report.

Click HERE to view sample individual team member report


Click HERE to view sample composite team facilitator report


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MBTI® Team Assessment!




For more information on the differences between the options above, visit our Sample Reports page.

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