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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (R)

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (R)
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Prior to purchasing this genuine MBTI® Assessment, please review our
assessment & consultation process:

Please Note: The MBTI® Team Report is not suitable for personal or individual use. If you are not familiar with the Team Report, please review the Sample Team Individual Report and Sample Team Facilitator Report prior to proceeding.

1. After clicking the appropriate Buy Now button below, you will be asked to enter the number of team members (quantity) and complete payment.

2. Your Consultant will contact you within 24 hours and provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions for your team members to complete the online assessments. All team members will require access to the internet. Completing the assessment requires 20-30 minutes per team member (including the online interactive debriefing that is part of the MBTI® Complete assessment).

3. Once each team member has completed their online assessment (which includes verifying their type and helping them to understand how to apply their results in their everyday lives and work), we will contact each team member to provide them with their Myers Briggs Type Indicator® MBTI Complete® Report as an Adobe PDF® file attachment (unless requested otherwise by yourself as the client).

4. Once all team members have completed their individual online assessment and interactive debriefing, we will provide you with the complete set of MBTI® Team Reports (individual and faciliator reports) and offer you an additional telephone consultation to debrief the contents of the Team Report. You can also request that we forward the individual team reports to each team member instead of or in addition to yourself.

Are you looking for a
FREE or LOW-COST version of the MBTI®

MBTI® Team Report (Form M)

* Price is per team member and also includes the MBTI® Complete assessment and online interactive debriefing for each team member


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