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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (R)
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...a recent search via Google returned 1,630,000 results for the search term "free MBTI". Please keep in mind these key considerations before you leave us:

  • The genuine and authentic MBTI® instrument ALWAYS requires a per use fee; as with any high quality and well refined psychological assessment, the publisher of the MBTI® instrument requires this fee as part of the MBTI® licensing agreement

  • many websites offer 'MBTI-like' assessments; the genuine and authentic MBTI® instrument has been in existence for over 60 years with exhaustive research that shows very high measures of statistical validity and reliability -- this is something missing from most if not all of the 'MBTI-like' assessments

  • completing the MBTI® online assessment is only a first step in determining your MBTI® personality type; the one-on-one interpretation and coaching session you will receive as part of our service will determine your 'best fit' personality type and cover any questions or uncertainty you might have regarding your MBTI® personality type

  • while we agree that it's exciting and 'neat' to learn what your 4-letter MBTI® personality type is, the real power and potential of the MBTI® instrument and theory lies within understanding what your personality type means in the context of your personal and professional life: our interpretation and coaching session will help you to understand your own unique strengths, contributions and opportunities for growth, along with a greater awareness of and appreciation for the differences between your own personality type and others and how to value this diversity

  • last but not least, we are firm believers in our clients getting what you pay for; we feel our pricing is fair and competitive for the high quality service you will receive and experience you will have!

If we still haven't convinced you, e-mail your questions to whynotfree@Discover-Your-Type.com

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